Zimolo Smart POS

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Zimolo System is the state of the art business solution which integrates POS, ERP, CRM and CMS into an all-in-one package. With the trust and experience of hundreds of customers, Zimolo is the best value and easiest to use system on the market.

Zimolo is an interesting startup place because people working here are not afriad of failures. As a result, we are open to try any kind of crazy ideas and all kinds of new technologies. During my stay, I was able to not only learn the retail and restaurants businesses while designing the Point of Sale system, but also get to know the basics of a CRM and ERP systems from other side projects.

For this POS project, we are trying to deliver a completely new concept/experience to retailers and restaurant owners. The idea is much more than providing a functional and cuztomizable Point of Sale system to our user. With the integration of multipayment support, social media playforms and Facebook bots, you can not only manage your transactions, accept various payment methods, monitor daily sales, but also create fans of your business.